Welcome to the Citrus web page. Citrus is a library and suite of demo applications for converting numbers with units into numbers with different units. It accomplishes this using dimensional analysis so that you can multiply, divide, and exponentiate dimensions together to get the units that describe your number.


GCitrus screenshot


Since there do not appear to be RPMS of the latest gtkmathview widget available, I've built the RPM.
Version 0.1.2 is now available for download. This version comes with C and C++ reference manuals. I've used gtkdoc for the C API and doxygen for the C++ classes. The overview documentation (the User's manual and Developer's Guide) need some work, but the reference manuals are almost complete!

An annoying bug with the division symbol has been fixed in this release, and this is the first release to include the gtkmathview widget.

Finally, this release does away with the GConf requirement... for the moment. Once I get the UnitSystem class coded, I'll be adding in some settings so that gcitrus will remember your settings.

The C++ reference manual now exists and is online in the documentation page. It is very rough at this point, though.
The complete set of documentation that comes with Citrus is now online at this link. This includes the User's Guide, the Developer's Guide, and the C API Reference Manual.

Also, Luca Padovani has released version 0.2.5 of gtkmathview which should contain the patch below, so there's less of a hassle to build Citrus.

The CVS version now contains code to use a gtkmathview widget in gcitrus to display units. I haven't included autoconf settings to turn it off if you don't have gtkmathview, and it requires this patch to gtkmathview-0.24 in order to work. So, if you're not feeling adventurous, stay away from the CVS version for now.
Version 0.1.1 is now available for download. This release features the library, a command line application, a cgi-bin application (and sample web page form for using it), and a GNOME/GTK demo. Code exists but does not yet build for a KDE/Qt demo and a gnumeric plugin.

The other major news for this release is that there are prebuilt RPMS available for Red Hat 7 systems (with Ximian GNOME). Even though you may have a different system, this is still good news because it means that I've spent the time to get the Makefiles working correctly for "make dist".


For the moment, you'll need the GNOME development environment to compile it (the gnome-xml, glib, and gtk libraries and header files). Eventually, it will depend only on gnome-xml and possibly glib. Right now, I'm still fiddling with the configuration scripts to get this working. gtkmathview 0.2.5 should be optional (the compilation should work without it), but I haven't tested to see if it works without gtkmathview installed.

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